Leigh Saulsbury, MS of Counseling - Growth itself contains the germ of happiness. ~ Pearl Buck
Respect for the Client

My clients are the brave ones. Through therapy, my clients become willing to look at  themselves with dignity and patience in order to make personal change and growth. Although the process can be difficult, the hope of better lives and improved relationships is always before us. 

Scott Peck wrote these words in The Road Less Traveled (Further Along).  I have never forgotten them: 

Those who come to psychotherapy are the wisest and most courageous among us. Everyone has problems, but what they often do is to try to pretend that those problems don't exist, or they run away from those problems, or ignore them in some way. It is only the wiser and braver among us who are willing to submit to the process of self-examination that happens in a counselor's office.


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