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It is really and truly spring! These tiny flowers show up for such a short season and if we don't look carefully we will miss them! 

I am trying to pay closer attention to these little glimmers of beauty and joy that surround me each day. Maybe you also have daily instances of gratitude or images of beauty in your mind right now. :) Taking a minute to record these in our memories or write them down to share with a friend or family member can feel like such a small effort. But, a small effort to bring a smile or pleasant conversation to pass is big enough for me today!

Dressing for Health and Safety and Fun

A Rocky Mountain Goat is my favorite animal. In the wild these animals are so hard to spot! Their shaggy coats camouflage them and keep them safe. 
How about us? Do the clothes we wear also protect us in some ways? I think so! Sometimes we want to fade into an environment, don't we? Sometimes we want to stand out! Do you think about that as you gaze at your closet? I do!
Developing skills for a personal style of dress is an important part of our culture. And, it isn't taught in school but, I think it could be a popular addition to a curriculum!

Summer Play

I hope you have all gotten out and played this summer! It is not too late! 

Walking barefoot, splashing in puddles, throwing a ball around, shooting hoops, and  ...  you can surely add to this list! Play is not just for kids, is it?

In her book The Soul's Palette, Cathy Malchiodi writes: Play is a state of being that enables us to feel free to explore and express without inhibition or self-judgement and to think flexible and innovatively. 

                                                               I am trying to play more and worry less. All my best!              

Worth the Effort

I really like peas! Peas are one of my favorite vegetables and, usually, I am happy with the frozen ones. But these fresh and brightly colored peas just caught my eye one day!
(I remembered helping my mom toshellpeas during the summers but I hadn'tshelleda pea in decades.)
So, feeling inspired by these memories, I decided to hand pick the most beautiful peas in the display and take them home for dinner! I had fun with the process!Shellinga pea wasn't nearly as tedious as I remembered either!

Creating a Good-Enough Spirit

How creative are we anyway? I love this crazy bicycle that has been adapted to serve as a truck. Check out the workman's tools in the trunk
This is an example of good enough
If you, like me, have been plagued with a get it right-I can do better philosophy that has prevented you from moving forward, maybe this image will give you a visual aid. 
Yes! You can make it work! 
                                                                                           Happy Spring - a season of new growth! 

Grateful Thoughts, 2013

It is New Year's! Being me, I may have adifferentway of marking the season than you.  I am not embarrassed to tell you thatmyidea of celebrating the New Year is to spend time flipping through old photo albums and back pages of journals. I am reminded what I have been up to. 

This year, maybe more than others, I am increasingly aware of how much I have benefitted from those near and dear to me. I am really grateful. Dear friends and family, thank you for words of encouragement, words of joy and outrageous times of fun during 2013!

Kids and Artists

I took this picture because I want to PLAY more! (Do adults even get to PLAY?) 

I think I should play lots more! 

I am learning that I am happier and more relaxed  when I take myself less seriously; when I give myself permission to make mistakes; and when I allow myself to, waste some time! How about you? Is play just for kids? :) Happy Halloween, to the kid and artist in you! 

Not Forgotten

I took this beautiful building for granted. The abandoned "Food Bank" was a meaningful landmark to me on a rural New Mexico highway. I loved the weathered cross and the quiet message to remember the ongoing needs of others. The building was bulldozed soon after my son snapped the picture. The building is gone now but, something about its spirit lives on. Nice memory.

Changing the Season

Autumn is a wonderful time for taking pictures! The colors of the harvest are inspiring to me.
I hope you all enjoy a trip to your favorite pumpkin patch in the next few weeks!

Family Memories

Summer offers so many great chances to get together informally over a BBQ or just a hike. Meaningful family gatherings don't necessarily require lots of planning or even money.

How about the Friday Art Walks? Great night out idea! Or make your own Art Walk with family photos!

Although my family used to take some great vacations, some of my most meaningful memories are being outdoors setting up a neighborhood softball game or, the best memory, painting colorful clamshells with my sister that we sold to passersby!

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