Leigh Saulsbury, MS of Counseling - Growth itself contains the germ of happiness. ~ Pearl Buck
Parent Groups

Parent Groups offer a safe and interactive way to share life experiences and learn from others. Topics covered include: 1) How We Learn to Parent, 2) Parent Expectations, 3) Listening to Our Children, and 4) Developing a Parent Tool Bag. 

I have great respect for the uniqueness of each family unit. As parents we know our children better than anyone else. 

One of my goals as a facilitator of Parent Groups is to support mothers and fathers as they develop greater insight into their roles as parents. We are capable of becoming Good-Enough Parents (Bruno Bettelheim, 1988). In all Parent Groups we will discuss the process of learning to know and to love our children better as they progress through the developmental stages of childhood.

Although aspects of the discussions will be directed by the group facilitator, Parent Groups are highly interactive and member participation is greatly encouraged. A minimum of 4 couples is necessary to commence a group.

  • These 90 minute groups meet on consecutive Monday evenings during the months of October, January and March. 
  • Please email or call to reserve a spot. 
  • Cost for 4 sessions: $80/parent(s) and/or caregivers. 
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